The UCP Recommends its Candidate Romanchuk to Marry

04.06.2010 10:41

Members of the United Civil Party advised 44-year-old Jaroslav Romanchuk, nominated as their candidate for presidency, to get married. According to the UCP, a family man is more attractive to voters. Jaroslav Romanchuk listens to the recommendations and is likely to marry in near future.

The politician himself said that «it was not recommendation obligatory to fulfill but rather a good luck wishes from colleagues». «There are a lot of people who think that an unmarried presidential candidate is worse than a married one. And that married people have more confidence on the part of electorate. But for me, the presidential campaign is not a reason to change something in my life drastically. I am not ready to get married for the party. And moreover, stamp in the passport actually is not so important for me», Narodnaya Volya quotes the politician.

It turned out that Jaroslav Romanchuk already has a bride and he should not seek a special life’s companion «for elections». Jaroslav and Alesya planned to marry even earlier, but after the death of his father, Romanchuk’s wedding was postponed. According to the potential candidate, this grievous event does not give a possibility to solve the issue of marriage today, European Radio for Belarus informs.

«This is a person who deals with economic analysis, accounting, she’s undergraduate», Jaroslav Romanchuk presented his chosen one, Alesya, after some doubt. «She’s a person who likes to work, loves freedom. And she loves me! We are colleagues — and this is very nice. This is a reason for good and harmonious partnership in life».

Legalization of prostitution is all positive, Romanchuk

According to the politician, the legalization of prostitution is «the only effective way to protect the rights of women who are involved in body trade for various reasons». As examples, Jaroslav Romanchuk names such countries as Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Germany. In these states, «there created a whole system of control and streamlining of the market, and it works». «The legalization of prostitution eliminates the lack of control over sexually transmitted diseases, plus brings the money into the budget. In general, it’s all positive», the potential presidential candidate believes.

The politician also told about his love of freedom and independence and that «to be under thumb is simply unacceptable» for him and he wants to treat a wife «as a friend, but also feel affection, respect and sexual attraction».

The UCP candidate does not accept the wife’s control over every element of his life, and he would consider his wife joining in the Communist Party as «far greater betrayal than sex on the side».