The West and Russia Can Divide "Belarusian cake", Sieradzan

20.07.2010 14:55
Архив Редакция

Together, Russia and the West can change political situation in Belarus: remove current president from office, carry out privatization and divide "Belarusian cake". It was said on July 19 by the Polish expert of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, Przemyslaw Sieradzan.

According to the expert, Russia’s foreign policy has changed considerably. Pronouncing a speech in the Foreign Ministry, the president Dmitry Medvedev made a statement that «it is the Western countries, who will be the main allies of Russia now, and no strategic partnership should exist in the CIS». This statement is totally different to the speech of former president Vladimir Putin in Munich.

According to Przemyslaw Sieradzan, Belarus is the medium-seized country, which still adheres to its very independent policy thanks to the talent of the president Alexander Lukashenko. «The head of state was skillfully maneuvering between different powers and maintained certain political sovereignty», the expert added.

The political analyst believes that recently Dmitry Medvedev has been attacking security forces, from what it can be concluded that he is under great pressure of the capital, REGNUM-Belarus informs.

«Russian business has an interest to conduct privatization in Belarus, so that Belarusian business was bought by Russian entrepreneurs. An obstacle in this way is socialist, in some sense Soviet policy of Lukashenko. While Lukashenko is the president, privatization is impossible. The business lobby in Russia is confident that, in their opinion, doubtful ally in the person of Lukashenko is not as valuable as the benefits to be gained by participating in privatization «, Mr.Sieradzan noted.

Przemyslaw Sieradzan suggested that from the Russian side soon there would sound slogans that Alexander Lukashenko was a dictator. All this will be done to replace him with a person, who is less charismatic and independent, but who will agree to organize privatization. «In this issue Germany, Italy and Russia could divide Belarusian cake», he said, noting that it was not accidental that Medvedev named these countries as partners.

However, the expert also underlines that developing relations between Belarus and China can change the situation. «The Chinese will try to turn Belarus into its reserve base», he said.