There Should be No Sanctions in Belarus-EU Relations, Lukashenko

02.11.2010 16:19

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that sanctions and other restrictions, both in politics and economy, do not contribute to rapid improvement of relations between Belarus and the European Union. "It seemed to me that these methods had to disappear from our relations," the Belarusian leader said at a meeting with foreign ministers of Germany and Poland on November 2.

President of Belarus noted that this meeting demonstrated the mutual interests of the parties. «No matter how banal it sounds, we are very interested in Europe, but I think that Europe can not manage without Belarus, because we are the heart of Europe,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

President of Belarus expressed his gratitude to Germany and Poland «for doing a lot to have normal relationships irrespective of difficult conditions, especially at present, as well as our relations with the Europeans.» According to Alexander Lukashenko, these countries have huge potential for cooperation, and «unrealized potential is much greater than realized.»

The Head of State invited the ministers to discuss a number of issues of mutual interest to the parties, and promised from his part to «realize everything unconditionally and in time.»
In turn, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that Poland was interested in Belarus being a European nation, BelTA informs.

Elections in Belarus to be Held without a Hitch, Lukashekno

During the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko assured that the current presidential election in Belarus would be held according to the most democratic standards. «I know there is a different opinion: let’s wait for the elections. In this connection I want to say that this election is neither the first nor the last. And I don’t just want to tell you about it, but I can assure you, because you are all courageous people, dare to visit us in the run-up to the election — not everyone could decide to do this,- the elections will be held pas without a hitch,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

«As incumbent president, I want to promise on behalf of government, though I have already told not once to all the people in Belarus, but I’ll assure you again that the elections will be held according to the most democratic standards. There’s no need not to conduct transparent elections, to be doubted by the international community,» the Belarusian leader emphasized.

The President reminded that today everyone from any country can go to Belarus before the elections, as well as directly in the election period. «Representatives of international organizations have the widest access to Belarusian society. Everyone, who’s willing, is now in our country. We will follow this line further,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

«The legitimacy of the election is more important for us than for anyone else on this planet. Above all, we are interested in the absolutely legitimate elections to have no questions on this issue afterwards,» President of Belarus said.