13.04.2011 10:16

Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved, who directs the investigation group on the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, said on April 12 that there're no official suspects, as well as detainees, in the case of explosion in Minsk subway. However, the investigation hopes to have significant progress in the investigation of this case in the next few days.

Andrei Shved, speaking on the Belarusian TV, said that the Belarusian law enforcement agencies are working with representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service, representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia, and, what is more, experts from Israel are expected to arrive on Wednesday morning, reports BBC.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev said on April 12 that KGB officers had detained one suspect in the terror attack in Minsk subway on April 11. The investigation does not rule out that he had accomplices, which is proved by the facts, available for investigation, said the chairman of the KGB, Vadim Zaitsev. According to him, two more people have been detained for interrogation, but they are not suspects yet.

As Telegraf previously reported, terrorist attack in Minsk subway on April 11 claimed lives of 12 people; a list of the affected includes about 200 people, more than 150 of them were hospitalized in hospitals.

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