They were Cursing and Beating Brutally, Detained Journalist

23.06.2011 12:30

Oleh Hruzdzilovich, the journalist of the Belarusian service of Radio "Liberty," detained on June 22, reported from a police bus that all the detainees had been beaten. "All the detained are taken here, but if they detain, they do it in a very brutal manner. They were kicking the feet, hands, see, here I am without my shoe now. They arrested people, took them here, threw on the floor, beating and cursing," he said.

«I have no severe injuries. Even now I feel normal, though had to lie on the floor under the policemen’s boots. Here we have already got a BelaPAN correspondent detained together with four more people. Two of them were kicked on the way here, but left along on the bus. At first we were not allowed sitting on the bench, kept in the aisle instead, now it’s ok, we can sit normally,» noted the journalist, reports the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty

«I was standing by this iron fence taking photos. A policeman came up and told me to get away, not to disturb people. I said that I was not on the road but would be if forced to leave. And this time he pushed me, then Colonel Evseev joined us and started a fight here. They took me away and broke the camera. That is, they had been planning to detain people and journalists under the slightest threat of someone’s taking photo. This was apparently an order to catch people to avoid any photo and video material. The first requirement for those detained was to delete all recorded video and photo from the phones,» said Oleh Hruzdzilovich.

He also noted that the police did not react to the fact that he was a journalist. «I was screaming for help but it did not stop them,» he said.

«In principle, there is already a dialogue between the detainees and the police officers about when it will all come to an end and how many people are needed to make it all over. The policemen themselves say: «If it were like in 1991, when 100 thousands of hard workers used to come out onto the square, then it will be over, but now we also have to follow orders,» he said.