Third Tanker with Oil for Belarus Has not Arrived, Ukraine's Ministry of Transport

30.06.2010 10:16

Information on that on June 28 in the port of Odessa there arrived the next tanker of Venezuelan oil for Belarus, appeared in Belarusian mass media, is far from reality. In Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine stated that the third tanker was expected to be in the port of Odessa on July 2.

An official of the press office of the ministry, Elizaveta Yarmosh, informed that Odessa Trade Sea Port had received a formal request of Belarus to service another Venezuelan tanker with 80 tons of oil in July. No other requests from Belarus have been received, European Radio for Belarus informs.

Earlier, in the port reported that on June 28, Genmar Defiance tanker, loaded with oil in the amount of 80 thousand tons, staid in the roads. However, they did not clarify whom was the cargo for.

To the date, in Belarus there were received about 160 thousand tons of oil from Venezuela, half of which has been already processed.

By the end of the year, from South American country to Belarus there will be transported abound four million tons of oil more.