Three Belarusian Teenagers Suspected of Schoolgirl's Rape

06.01.2011 10:39
Архив Редакция

The prosecutor's office of Smaliavichy Minsk voblast is conducting an investigation into the rape of a minor schoolgirl of the fourth form in Aziarytskaya Slabada village. According to the preliminary data, "sexual acts" were committed by three teenagers of 10 and 13 years of age.

During the inspection, started on her father’s claim, the police found out that crime had been committed in an abandoned shed in the evening of January 1. Police found a bottle of vodka and a plastic cup at the scene, «Belarusian News

Nevertheless, there will be no criminal case against the adolescents despite the strong evidence of their guilt. Under current law, responsibility for actions under Article 166 of the Penal Code of Belarus («Rape») can be claimed beginning with 14 years. However, the two older suspects are 13 years old and the youngest one is only 10.