Three Corpses Has Been Found at a Side Street in Minsk

15.07.2010 13:56
Архив Редакция

In Minsk, at Severny lane, there have been found three corpses without signs of violent death. It was reported by senior assistant of the prosecutor of Minsk on legal support, information and public relations, Sergei Balashev. "Two bodies have been found on the street near unused barn, which is adjacent to the warehouse on Severny lane. Another dead has been found in the barn", Sergei Balashev said.

«There has been also discovered dead dog. Supposedly, all the dead men are homeless», senior assistant of the capital’ prosecutor said, BelTA informs.

According to Sergei Balashev, these men used the barn most likely as a shelter. «We also know that on the eve they all drank alcohol. Moreover, MES specialists, arrived at the spot, found heightened level of hydrocyanic acid vapors in the air», Sergei Balashev said.

Forensic examination will be carried out on the fact. The causes and circumstances of men’s death are being investigated. Investigation department of Minsk Prosecutor’s Office is checking the happened.