To Buy Beltransgaz is Economically Inexpedient, Sechin

09.06.2010 08:55

To acquire controlling stake of Beltransgaz, which is in arrears for Russian gas supplies, is economically inexpedient. It was stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Sechin. "The issue of Belarus' repayment for Russian gas should be resolved in the legal field", Deputy Prime Minister of Russia said.

«And to gain control over Beltransgaz on account of debt is Gazprom’s business», RIA Novosti quotes Igor Sechin.

According to the statements of the Russian side, Beltransgaz’s debt for Russian gas on May 1 of this year amounted to 192 million dollars.

In his turn, the official Gazprom representative, Sergei Kupriyanov, reported that this year’s gas price for Belarus would be 187 dollars per thousand cubic meters. «The average gas price for Belarus in 2010 will be equal to 187 dollars per thousand cubic meters. If the country continues to pay 150 dollars, its debt could reach 1.5 billion dollars», the official representative of Gazprom said.
Sergei Kupriyanov also noted that in the second quarter of this year, the price of Russian gas for Belarus will amount to 184.8 dollars.

Furthermore, as Telegraf previously reported, in 2011 Gazprom plans to supply 22.5 billion cubic meters of gas to Belarus for a total «ceiling» of 5.625 billion dollars. It means that the price of gas will be 250 dollars per thousand cubic meters. Such information is contained in the materials for shareholders of Russian company, prepared for the annual meeting of Gazprom, which is to be held on June 25, 2010.