Trade Deficit Exceeded $3.8 billion, Belstat

29.06.2011 09:55

According to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, Belarus's foreign trade deficit increased by $117.4 million in May 2011 and equaled to more than $3.8 billion for the first five months of 2011. The figure was only $2.7 billion in January - May last year.

However, May 2011 was marked by the lowest monthly growth in foreign trade deficit in goods. A month deficit has increased by $117.4 million.

Belarus’s foreign trade volume has increased by 58.7% and amounted to over $33.5 billion for the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year. The exports volume has increased by 61.2% to $14.8 billion for this period, import — by 56.7% to $18.7 billion, the National Statistical Committee.

Deficit in trading with the CIS countries has reached $3.6 billion. Export volumes have increased by 46.7% to $7.1 billion, imports — by 47.3% ($10.7 billion). Total volume of foreign trade has grown by 47.1% to $17.9 billion for the period.

Deficit in trade with Russia has also increased to $4.2 billion. Foreign trade turnover with this country has grown by 42.7% to $14.5 billion (exports — by 41.8% to $5.1 billion, import — by 43.3% to $9.4 billion).

At the same time the foreign trade balance with Kazakhstan has showed a surplus of $146.5 million for the first five months of this year. The figure was $139.7 million over the same period last year. Foreign trade turnover with Kazakhstan has increased by 42.5% to $300.9 million (exports — by 27.5% to $223.7 million, imports — by 116.2% to $77.2 million).

Positive trends in the balance have been recorded in trade with foreign countries. So, in January — May this balance was in deficit of $217.8 million, but it was even minus $278.3 million in the same period last year. Foreign trade turnover has increased by 74.4% to $15.6 billion (exports — by 77.5% to $7.7 billion, imports — by 71.5% to $7.9 billion).