14.04.2011 17:00

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the tragedy in Minsk Subway on April 11 has brought the Belarusians together, and they showed their "true features, characteristic of the nation." The head of state said at a meeting with members of the Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church on April 14 that the Belarusians should in no case be embittered in this situation not to sow discord in their souls."

«People have realized that only together we can confront any evil and survive. I have only one concern in this situation. We should neither feel bitter, nor sow discord in our souls. We shouldn’t cross this line. Those who are guilty must be responsible. We should in no way be too far,  since these events, to our happiness, are not systemic in nature,» BelTA quoted Alexander Lukashenko.

«As a result, we are united, we’ve become united as never before. And those rare voices that are heard today, including different media, are like an echo of the past,» the president added.

The President stressed that such tragic events are not typical of Belarus and appropriate conclusions would be drawn from them.

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