"Transneft" Wants to Watch Direct Odessa-Brody Oil Transit

17.11.2010 10:39

"Transneft" Russian joint stock company for oil transportation  plans to send observers over the Odessa-Brody oil pumping in the direct mode to Mazyr Oil Refinery in Belarus. This was reported by a spokesman Igor Demin. According to him, Belarus has already given its consent to the participation of Russian specialists.

At the same time, as noted by Igor Demin, the Ukrainian side has not responded to an official letter of the Russian company. He also said that the November oil transit plan allows pumping 80 thousand tons of oil through the «Druzhba» pipeline in the direct mode, PRIME-TASS.

After «Odessa-Brody» oil pumping, the oil supplies will go to Belarus through one of two existing branches of the «Druzhba» pipeline, the other branch will be used for oil transit to Europe. «So long the schedule allows pumping. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen with the onset of cold weather,» Igor Demin said.