Truth More Important than my Political Rating, Lukashenko

24.06.2011 09:47

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that it's more important for him to tell the truth to the people than to hold on to his political rating. The President commented on June 23 on his statement that there would be no foreign currency, the shortage of which is very acute, in exchange offices in the near future.

«It wouldn’t be sincere of me to tell that I’m not interested in ratings. Any politician cares about ranking — the way you and the whole nation treat,» BelTA quotes the president.

Alexander Lukashenko explained that economic laws operate independently of the will of politicians, so it doesn’t make sense to promise unfairly just for pleasing people.

«You think it would be better if I promised hard currency in exchangers, but in fact did nothing… would people believe me in that case? No. I told them the truth. Come and bring some foreign currency to the bank, then it will be available in exchange offices, letting other people buy it. But I said — the state wouldn’t play that game, figuratively speaking, at least until July,» said the head of state.

At the same time Alexander Lukashenko assured that those in dire need of foreign currency for the treatment or business trips abroad, can obtain it by applying to Belarusbank. The president urged other citizens, in less demand of currency, not to buy foreign currency, not to withdraw it from the country’s economy.

As Telegraf previously reported, June 17, Alexander Lukashenko said at a press conference for Belarusian media that currency wouldn’t show up in Belarus exchange offices at least until July 1, because some people want to buy more cars. «But we will not agree. There will be currency, when you’ll take it to the banks. We must find a way out of this swamp,» said the president.