Two-Year Child is among Victims in Explosion in Subway, Ministry of Health

12.04.2011 16:22

Health Minister of Belarus Vasili Zharko informed on April 12 about the status of the injured in an explosion in Minsk subway. There were three pregnant women among the injured; their condition, according to doctors, is close to satisfactory. Also a two-year child was injured in the explosion; his life is no longer under threat.

151 people Total are currently in Minsk hospitals, 40 of them are in a serious condition, state of 58 is moderate, and the rest — satisfactory. Two Russian citizen, who were also at the site on April 11, are currently in a state of moderate severity in the Third Clinical Hospital of Minsk, reports ONT.

Minister of Health announced that 98 ambulances brigades arrive at the scene on April 11 for medical assistance. Victims were delivered to 15 city hospitals and two hospitals (Ministry of Defense and Interior Ministry), where they were provided with necessary support, including psychological.

Vasili Zharko said that the Belarusian hospitals had all the necessary medical supplies, blood and equipment. The Minister noted that the blood transfusion station worked around the clock, so did a pharmacy warehouse to hand out medicines if necessary.

As Telegraf previously reported, April 12, six Russian doctors — intensive care, neurosurgeons and trauma — were sent from Moscow to help Belarusian doctors in Minsk. All physicians have experience in emergencies, including assistance after the explosion in Moscow subway. They will provide consultations in the third hospital of the Belarusian capital, received most of the injured.