29.04.2011 15:17

Andrei Shved, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus, Head of Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General, reported on April 29 that two suspects in the blast at Kastrychnitskaya station of Minsk metro are charged. Both suspects are citizens of Belarus. They were charged under Part 3. 289 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("Terrorism"). 

Andrei Shved explained, that the suspects were accused of «committing terrorist attack in a preliminary conspiracy to destabilize the situation, intimidate and kill people,» BelaPAN.
One of the suspects is also charged of illegal arms trafficking under Part 3. 295 of the Criminal Code.
The head of the investigative group of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported that law enforcement bodies of Belarus jointly with the armed forces, dog experts and engineers had discovered and examined the site in the suburb of Vitebsk, where defendants had arranged a platform and for quite a long time carried out tests of explosive devices, making photos and videos of the tests.
Andrei Shved told that the police could have identified in 2009 the perpetrator of an act of terrorism in 2008 in Minsk on Independence Day. According to the Prosecutor General’s representative, this has not happened due to negligence of officials. The accused was not fingerprinted at the time of conscription. A criminal case was opened on the fact of negligence.
As Telegraf informed, April 11 there was a blast at Kastrychnitskaya metro station in Minsk. As a result, more than 200 people were injured, 14 people died. Law enforcement authorities qualified the incident as a terrorist act and a criminal case. On suspicion of involvement in the explosion police arrested several people, including 21-year-old girl, a student of the private high school.
Police refuses to disclose the names of the suspects until the end of the investigation. «This is due to objective reasons and it is done in the interests of the investigation,» Alexander Antonovich, the head of the Information and Public Relations of the Belarusian KGB, said on April 18.

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