09.04.2010 16:09

The Minsk section of the United Civil Party (UCP) is going to address to Minsk Executive Committee to get permission to picket the Belarusian TV. "It is the reaction to some false TV reportages about the 13th congress of UCP", the chairman of the Minsk section of the UCP Anatoly Pavlov informed.

«The reportages were also about the decision to stop the local elective company. It is also our reaction to the permission of the Minsk authorities to picket the editorial office of the newspaper «Narodnaja Volia», the official site of the UCP informs.

According to the chief of the Minsk section of the party, the minimum aim is to «record the fact that the authorities uses the double standards in their activity».

«Everything is allowed to their partisans, but the oppositional organizations are not allowed to do anything. The second our aim is to pay people’s attention at the fact, that the TV is occupied by the owner of the Red house and it is just a propaganda instrument», Anatoly Pavlov declared.

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