20.04.2011 10:54

Belarusian border guards detained a Ukrainian human rights activist, Marina Tsapok, at the border crossing "Teryukha" at about 4:00 on April 20. The activist is an information assistant of the representative of the International Committee of the observation mission to monitor the human rights situation in Belarus. She was removed from the train to Belarus from Kiev, told the International Control Committee.

«Assistant of operative duty officer of the Border Service, Major Riabtsev, reported that Marina had «non-pass» to the territory of Belarus and she would be sent to the Ukraine (to the nearest station — Chernigov) by morning train,» reported in the international observation mission.

The organization admits that Tsapok, going to work directly in the Minsk office of the International Control Committee on human rights situation in Belarus is not allowed to enter Belarus because of her human rights activities. «Earlier, Marina Tsapok was in Belarus in the international observation mission, having never committed any crime in Belarus,» reported in the international mission.

It was added in the committee that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had not reacted to such situations so far.

As Telegraf previously reported, March 29, Marina Tsapok was an organizer of the campaign «for the open entry in the Republic of Belarus,» which aims to find out the names of the Ukrainian citizens, blacklisted for entry into Belarus.

Shortly before that, March 9, Another Ukrainian human rights activist — Maxim Kitsyuk — was not allowed in Belarus as well.

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