Uralkali Gives no Guarantees of $1 Billion Prepayment to Belaruskali

13.06.2011 10:52

The Russian company Uralkali cannot guarantee the allocation of$1 billion to Belaruskali as a prepayment for future sales of potassium. Uralkali Group has not yet entered into binding obligations of the agreement, in connection with which there is no assurance for the deal to follow these conditions or to be carried out at all," the company said.

Uralkali confirms its considering a potential deal with Belaruskali to make up to $1 billion of prepayment for Belaruskali benefit to provide the acquisition of a certain amount of potassium,» reported in the Russian company.

As Telegraf previously reported, $1 billion, which Belarus, according to head of the Administration of President Vladimir Makei, can get «from other source,» will be provided by the Russian billionaire, Uralkali owner Suleiman Kerimov. These funds will be covered by the future supplies of raw materials.