08.04.2011 12:54

The Government of Belarus does not rule out that the cost for housing and communal services could rise by another $5-7 in 2011. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoli Kalinin on April 8. As he says, the government is considering the issue of a slight increase in tariffs. "This issue is being actively discussed and is quite delicate," he said.

Anatoli Kalinin says that the president demanded to provide data about the possible figures of lowering housing costs and increasing tariffs for the population. «The President is reluctant to accept such an increase, but there are still grounds for the tariff increase,» said Deputy Prime Minister, BelTA informs.

«Tariffs will be increased in any case, but they will be monitored and discussed in detail. However, pensions will be raised as well. They will be raised in advance and only then utility rates will also be increased. These issues are being discussed in government, Ministry of Economy,» said Anatoli Kalinin.

According to him, targeted social assistance to the citizens of the less-protected segments of the population should be strengthened in the housing sector, adjusting for the approaches to the provision of such assistance.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Council of Ministers of Belarus set new rates for utility services on February 4 from February 1. On average, payments for utility services for a family of three, living in a two room apartment with total area of 48 square meters, have increased by $5.

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