Vasilevich Promises to Check Investigation Legality of "Case of December 19"

24.01.2011 14:21
Архив Редакция

Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigori Vasilevich said on January 24 that prosecutors would check compliance of investigation of the criminal case on the riots in Minsk on Election Day with the law before forwarding it to the court. The Attorney General called for the unconditional observance of the Constitution in the course of investigation, including the right of every citizen to be protected.

Grigori Vasilevich reminded that the criminal investigation was conducted by the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee. The investigation team comprises staff of the Interior Ministry and the KGB. The investigation is under control of the prosecutor’s office in Minsk, BelaPAN.

The Attorney General also noted that the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office studied the issue of legality in the KGB jail on December 31, 2010. According to the Attorney General, there were no claims from the accused then. Moreover, Grigori Vasilevich informed that he had demanded from the inspection to confirm in writing the absence of complaints from the detainees in obtaining access to their lawyers.

However, Grigori Vasilevich did not answer the question whether the Attorney General’s Office was ready to invite independent international experts so that they could confirm the competence and objectivity of the investigation, conducted by the Belarusian authorities.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarusian Prosecutor General’s Office checked the conditions of detainees in KGB jail on December 31, 2010 on the initiative of their relatives. As a result, all detainees, including former presidential candidates, were announced to be healthy and to have no complaints about conditions in prison.

According to human rights defenders, 33 people are now accused of rioting in Minsk on December 19. Five former presidential candidates, four of whom are currently in the KGB jail: Ales Michalevic, Vladimir Niakliaeu, Andrei Sannikov and Nikolai Statkevich- are among them. Vital Rymasheuski was released from jail on January 1 on his recognizance not to leave.