Vienna-Minsk Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing in Minsk

29.11.2010 13:55

Emergencies Ministry of Belarus reported on the emergency landing of "Vienna-Minsk" passenger aircraft of grade Fokker-100 by "Austrian Airlines" at the National Airport in Minsk at 02:39 on November 29.  On board the plane were 81 passengers and 4 crew members. 12 units of fire rescue equipment were sent to the airport.

As it became known to Telegraf, the airliner made a successful landing at 03:11, no one was hurt. According to the preliminary version, the reason for the emergency landing was the fault alarm of the left landing gear extending, the Emergencies Ministry explained.

Fokker-100 aircraft will soon fly to Vienna. All faults in the airliner have been eliminated. «Now it’s getting ready for the flight. The airplane is expected to take off from Minsk within half an hour,» the department of the Aviation Ministry of Transport informed, BelTA.

Commenting on the information of the fire on board a plane, which appeared in some media, the Aviation Department informed that «no ignition had taken place, and the Emergency Service was at the airport, as it’s determined by the emergency landing situation.