09.04.2010 18:47

In the representation of the EU in Belarus believe, that the new Visa Code, which became into force on April 5, enhances the level of transparency and legal reliability in obtaining and issuing Schengen visas. "It provides conditions for equal treatment of all citizens and harmonizes the rules and experiences for the countries of the Schengen space", informed in the representation of the EU.

«Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania just partially comply with respective legislation. Border control between these countries and the Schengen zone will be maintained until there are conditions, sufficient for its abolition», emphasized in the representation, BelTA informs.

«Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland do not participate in the Schengen co-operation any more and apply national rules», reported in the representation of the European Union. «Visa Code itself obliges to provide the public with complete and clear information about the procedure of applying for a visa.»

New EU Visa Code imposed «general rules for the conditions and procedures for visa documents’ issuance». «The Code to homogenize the norms for visa applications processing and decision-making. The document allows to increase the role of the EU representation to coordinate cooperation between the countries of the EU within «local Schengen cooperation» in the countries outside the EU», believe in the EU representation in Belarus.

The representation also informed that the «rules of the EU Visa Code on explanation in the case of the rejection of visa issuance and the possibility to appeal this decision will come into force in a year, on April 5, 2011». «Some embassies already applied such practices in the past. And it worked well. In the case of giving reasons of rejection to accept visa applications, the applicant understands better what documents are required from him», emphasized in the representation of the EU.

Embassies of the Schengen zone countries will make a single list of documents for visa issuance, EU

In the representation of the EU have also informed that during the year, embassies of the Schengen countries are planning to make a single list of documents filed with visa application for visa issuance. «It’s possible that by the end of this year, they will take decision on this issue», noted in the representation.

Now, each of consular and visa services of the embassies of EU countries requires a list of documents. «When the applicant is coming to the embassy with the request of visa issuance, then he must confirm sufficient amount of information, in particular, about the purpose of the trip, place of residence in the country, which he wants to visit, availability of funds for his stay abroad, as well as the intention to return home», stated in the representation of the EU in Belarus.

According to the officials of the representation, a set of all assignable visa documents «must be harmonized, that is to make it single».

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