War on Illegal Auto Repair Shops Declared in Homel

25.06.2010 12:50

Five workers of an illegal auto repair shop situated in a garage co-operative society are detained in Novabelitski district of Homel. The workers of the department for struggle against economic crime promise to check all the garage co-operative society in the district.

The fact of repair works in two garages was filmed. Then the employees of the law-enforcement and tax departments  gave a Niva automobile for painting to the workers of an illegal auto repair, the representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Homel City Executive Committee informed.

Repairmen evaluated cost of painting  in 500 dollars, having received an advance payment in the sum of 600 thousand Belarusian roubles (200 dollars). At the moment of the bargain five illegal businessmen were detained by the law-enforcement bodies of Novabelitski district of Homel.

According to the Administrative Responsibility Code, the workers can be fined  at 50 base sizes (1.75 million roubles — 580 dollars) with confiscation of the subjects of administrative violation because of illegal entrepreneurial business.

Law-enforcement agencies have already withdrawn over 3 millions roubles (1 thousand dollars) received for earlier performed work. Money will be confiscated in the state budget.