We Go Different Ways with Russian-Speaking Opposition, Trusau

16.06.2010 09:19

Aleh Trusau, Chairman of the public association "Frantsishak Skaryna Belarusian Language Society" (BLS),  at the lecture, which was devoted to the history of Minsk and was held on June, 15th in the office of organisation, soaked Russian-speaking Belarus opposition. "We are going different ways with such opposition", he said.

Aleh Trusau considers that address to the citizens in Russian is wrong and dangerous as it causes russification of the Belarusians. He added also that BLS confront with Russian-speaking opposition even more then with the authorities.

By way of most vivid example, Aleh Trusau described «the excellent Belarusian writer» Uladzimir Niaklajeu who started the Russian-speaking campaign «Tell the truth!» and published in Russian 20 thousand leaflets and a book, called «100 faces of unemployment». As, BLS chairman considers, that a consequence of it is that the Russian ambassador pled for him.

Aleh Trusau mentioned also Ales Mihalevich who despite his «Belarusian consciousness» carry out his electoral campaign in Russian. BLS chairman criticized also another presidential nominee Yaroslav Romanchuk. According to Aleh Trusau, he knows Belarusian language well, but nevertheless he addresses to the voters in Russian.

In May BLS chairman soaked the company «Tell the truth!» of Uladzimir Niaklajeu. In his opinion, «the Russian ears stick up from it». He also refused to support renaming of Uljanauskaja street after Vasil Bykau since the writer had never lived there, and the street had the other historical name.