We Need No Numerous State Programs and Concepts, Lukashenko

17.01.2011 15:05
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the country already had enough government programs and concepts and it's inappropriate to adopt some new ones. According to the President, he questioned the need for adoption of the state program "Youth of Belarus" for 2011-2015, considered at the meeting on January 17. 

«We need no programs and no concepts. Programs and concepts are necessary only in case of creating something new, which requires clear and conceptual consideration, reasonable concentration of resources. For thus we clutter up our personal work or just pretend to work well, by producing programs,» BelTA quoted the Belarusian leader.

«There shouldn’t be any formalism since January of this year. It is necessary to write and do only what we need,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

As for the program «Youth of Belarus,» the president addressed the meeting, questioning the need for this program. «Is it because we have something missing, or we do not know how to move in this direction of work with the youth, or we have not defined anything in working with young people, or we do not have a kind of structure to work with youth? Or is it due to the fact that  we have not determined conceptually which way to go and how to act in regard to young people in a five-year program? In my opinion, these are purely rhetorical questions,» said the president.

«Well, let it remain in the past. We might haven’t known how to act, intending, defining, organizing brainstorming over some activities. But today everything is clear. So the question is: do we need this program; does it contain anything new compared with what we’ve already done in practice,» the Belarusian leader said, adding that, in his opinion, Belarus didn’t currently need that program.