Winter Comes Back at Weekend, Synoptics say

12.03.2010 15:47
Архив Редакция

 March 12, Republican hydro-meteorological Center reports that there will be change of atmospheric processes over the territory of Belarus, at the weekend. As a result, "unstable and cold air masses from northern latitudes will provide winter weather in the republic", synoptics said.

The next three
days, weather conditions of our country will be formed by front-end sections, moving
from the Baltic Sea one after another, reports Belarusian hydro-meteorological

background, which reached its climatic norm only at the end of the week, once
again will fall below it. On Saturday, March 13, there will be snow and wet
snow at the most of the country’s territory. The wind is south-western,
changing to north-western moderate, during the day. Air temperature at night is
-3 ..- 8 ° C, with clarification to -13 ° C,  -3 .. +2 ° C during the day «, informed meteorologists.

«On Sunday
and Monday, March 14-15, will be partly cloudy with clearings. In many parts of
the country, brief snow and weak snowstorms are expected. The wind is south-west,
northwest gusting. Thermometer will register -5 ..- 12 ° C at night, to -15 ..-
17 ° C if clearings. March 14, in the afternoon, 0 ..- 5 ° C, to +2 ° C in the
south-west, March 15, 0 ..- 7 ° C. Selected sections of roads will be sleet»,
reads the report of hidro-meteorological Center.