Year's National Debt of Belarus Rose up to $12.7 Billion

31.01.2011 14:27
Архив Редакция

According to the Ministry of Finance of Belarus, the national debt of Belarus amounted to more than $12.7 billion (above Br38.3 trillion) on January 1, 2011. Thus, the year's national debt has increased by 25.9%. Only in December the national debt grew by 2.3% (external - 0.6%, internal - by 8.2%).

Foreign debt for 2010 increased by 28.8% to Br29 trillion (above $9.6 billion). As of January 1, 2011 internal public debt exceeded Br9.2 trillion (above $3 billion), thus having increased by 17.5%, AFN.

Central government debt comprises most of the debt, which is more than Br30.5 trillion ($10.1 billion). This amount increased by 23.5% for the year (0.5% in December 2010). Debt of economic entities, guaranteed by the government, amounted to Br7.8 trillion ($2.6 billion), which is 36.1% more than on January 1, 2011 (10.3% increase for December).