"Young Front" Activists were Convicted of Picket in Support of Dashkevich and Lobov

24.03.2011 11:23
Архив Редакция

Wednesday, March 23, "Young Front" activists, registered in the Czech organization, Hregori Ostapenia and Ivan Shyla, were sentenced to administrative arrest for 10 and 13 days respectively for the picket in Minsk on March 22 during the trial against the leader of "Young Front" Dmitri Dashkevich and activist Eduard Lobov.

Hregori Ostapenia was judged by Tatiana Motyl, Ivan Shyla —  by Eugeni Khatkevich, reports the human rights center «Viasna.» Young people spent the night of March 22-23 in the detention center at Akrestsina Street.

In addition, «Young Front» activists Dmitri Fedoruk, Andrei Tychin and brother of Ivan Shyla, as well as a young man, holding portraits (unknown), were detained around 17:00, on March 23, at the court building of the Moscow district of Minsk, where the trial against Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobov were underway. According to witnesses, there were many SWAT officers near the courthouse at that time,  while friends and fellow of the defendants were not allowed in court, the press service of «Young Front.» Detainees were released at about 23:00.

As Telegraf previously reported, opposition attempted to hold a rally in solidarity with Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobov, accused of hooliganism, at the building of the Moscow district court of Minsk on March 22. Ten people tried to deploy a banner «Ruki proch ot «Young Front»!» («Hands off from «Young Front»!»), but the unknown ran out of the courthouse a few minutes after and began to take the banner away.  The picketers, Ivan Shyla and Hregori Ostapenia, were arrested.