What’s better: a Forex broker or a dealing center?

20.08.2020 10:59
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Learn about the financial market and its specifics before beginning trading! For individuals, a possibility to enter the market is provided by official dealing centers, which have a corresponding license from the Central Bank. However, you have to be mindful of the Forex brokers — there are a lot of fraudulent ones on the market. EXANTE co-founded by Alexey Kirienko provides access to currency trading and adheres to all rules and regulations, including SEC.

Individual investors can use leverage, when they are trading. Imagine that you have USD 1,000 allocated for trading. The brokerage may provide a 1:50 leverage, so your 1,000 USD turns into 50,000 USD. With this amount you can make significant trades with larger earnings. Once the trade is complete, the broker takes back the sum provided, and the investor takes the difference minus trading commission.

Learn to make money with EXANTE broker

There is a lot of risk in Forex trading, as well as high reward. One should learn the basics and train to earn on currency trading.

If you don’t have sufficient time, you can copycat actions of successful traders, which costs a fee.

There are a lot of educational materials on the official website of a brokerage company established by Kirienko. There you can learn about the basics of the financial markets and players as well as training materials. If you’re planning to copy someone else’s trades, you should not do so blindly. You have to understand the reasons behind the trader’s choices.This education will assist you in making more on the exchange.

Automated trading

After you develop a unique working trading strategy it could be the time to move on to the next level. You could create trading algorithms, also known as robots and sell them to other traders. That’s a very tempting prospect!

When you learn enough about trading you could begin consulting other investors as a wealth manager or trade with their funds for a fee. To do so you have to also obtain a trustworthy reputation as both, a trader and a manager.

Your own strategies benefits

Usually, one can accurately analyze the market, using fundamental and technical analysis. A deeper understanding of the market comes only through practice. Test your knowledge when trading, analyze the instruments and chart movements. After you have enough experience, you could benefit from the markets not only through trading!

There’s a variety of tools and strategies available for traders. There are also money management rules, risk assessment strategies and psychology of trading. After you learn them — you can practice with EXANTE.

State-of-art EXANTE trading terminal

You could have read other EXANTE broker reviews, I agree with the ones I’ve read on the terminal they have! The brokerage developed this platform themselves and it is incredibly easy to use as well it contains all of the necessary instruments, tools and orders! One can modify the terminal to fit his needs using the modular structure.