13:23, 29 июня 2011

Belaruskali Denies Information about Extraordinary Situation in Mines

Assistant Director General of Belaruskali Vladimir Kucherov reported June 29 that all companies' mines are operating in the normal mode. Information about the flooding of one of them, which appeared on the Internet, he said, is untrue. Thus, there was some release of brine in one of the mines, which is not an extraordinary situation for manufacturing.

15:07, 29 марта 2011

Hundreds of People Search Missing Belarusian Boys for Five Days

Two missing boys Ihor Halimski and Vladislav Yurov, have been being searched in Vitebsk for five days. Dozens of volunteers have joined the search beside several hundred law enforcement officials. Search radius has been expanded - the neighborhood the boys live, Vitsebsk surroundings, the suburban villages, summer villages, forest belts.

17:52, 7 марта 2011

Belavia Plane Caught Fire in Air over Ukraine

On Sunday, March 6, 20 minutes after taking off from Airport Borispol in Kiev the plane CRJ 100/200 of Belorussian National Airline Belavia flying from Kiev to Minsk caught fire in the air. According to one of the passengers, after the fire outbreak, the cabin filled with smoke.

12:01, 13 декабря 2010

Belarusian Presidential Candidate Romanchuk Got in Car Accident

Belarusian presidential candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk, being off to meet with voters, got in a car crash at 40 km from Rahachou near the turning to Buda-Kashaliova. This was reported by the politician to the UCP press-service by phone after the accident.

15:32, 6 декабря 2010

Two Belarusians Smashed their Drinking Companion to Death Against the Wall

Vaukavysk resident invited his friends to lunch, the company began drinking spirits. A quarrel shortly broke out at table. No one could consequently remember the reason for the showdown. However, it caused life one of the men: he was taken to hospital, where he died, while his drinking companions were put in jail.

13:35, 20 октября 2010

A Bus, a Trolleybus and Six Cars Collided in Hrodna - photo

There was an accident involving public transport on the crossroads of Cosmonauts Prospect and Lidskaya Street in Hrodna, around 17:00 on October 19. According to the witnesses, the bus crossed the intersection at a red traffic signal and crashed into a trolleybus. The trolleybus was thrown on the left side of the road where it collided with several cars.

10:01, 13 октября 2010

Lukashenko Expressed Condolences to Ukrainian People

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on his behalf and of the Belarusians expressed his condolences to Ukrainian people, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, as well as relatives and friends of those died in a car accident in Dnipropetrovsk region. This was reported in the Administration of the President.

15:39, 28 сентября 2010

Brest Resident was killed for Dollar

On September 24 a person from Kazliakevichy village of Baranavichy district, Brest voblast, beat a villager up to his death just for a dollar. The conflict between two men presumably originated from the fact that the victim had not returned the change from a bottle of vodka.

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