09:46, 27 июня 2011

EurAsEC Loan Not for Exchangers, Miasnikovich

The Belarusian authorities will send the first tranche of the EurAsEC loan to strengthen foreign reserves. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich on June 24. Thus, these foreign currency funds are not meant for sale to the public in exchange offices.

15:52, 24 мая 2011

"Black" Dollar Purchase Price is Br5.8 Thousand

May 24, currency dealers offer the dollar for Br5.7-5.8 thousand. People are still queuing up near the exchange offices willing to buy currency. People in the line are carefully considering any passer-by, seen at a distance of several meters. The same day OTC currency market froze in anticipation of the National Bank's future decisions.

16:35, 6 мая 2011

Official Dollar Rate Rose Again

National Bank of Belarus set the dollar rate at Br3.037 per dollar for May 7, as well as the euro - Br4430, the Russian ruble - Br109.78. Thus, compared to the previous value, the dollar has risen up by Br36, euros - has fallen by Br38, the Russian ruble - fell by Br0.3.

15:08, 7 апреля 2011

Devaluation of Belarusian Ruble Reached 18% in Lithuania

Banks of Belarus's neighboring countries continue to devalue the Belarusian ruble. So, if in Latvia devaluation reached 50% in some banks, in Lithuania devaluation had reached reached 18% a week before. The situation with the cash Belarusian rubles remains tense in the neighboring countries. For example, only one bank carries out transactions with cash Belarusian rubles in Vilnius.

14:50, 6 апреля 2011

Devaluation of Belarusian Ruble Abroad Reached 50%

Banks of Belarus's neighboring countries continue to devalue the Belarusian ruble. Thus, devaluation is up to 50% in some Latvian banks. In addition, as it's found out by Telegraf journalists, not all banks of neighboring countries can carry out operations with the Belarusian rubles.

10:18, 4 апреля 2011

Belarus Ranks 3rd among Post-Soviet Countries in Dollar Rate Increase

According to the analysis of the dollar rate on December 31, 2010 and March 31, 2011, Belarus has become 3rd among the countries of the former USSR in the growth rate of the official dollar exchange rate to the national currency. The dollar to ruble rate grew by 1.5% (from Br3.000 to Br3.045) in the first quarter of 2011.

11:02, 15 марта 2011

Increased Currency Demand to Subside in Coming Days, National Bank

March 14, Head of Information of the National Bank of Belarus Anatoli Drozdov,once again denied rumors about the planned ruble devaluation and stressed that "there's no urgent need to run for the currency." According to him, the National Bank expects that the increased public demand for currency, observed in recent years, will subside in the coming days. 

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