16:36, 30 июня 2011

Following Yandex Google-Translator Malfunctioning on Belarusian President

Popular Google translator made an error in translation of the word "lower" from the Belarusian into the Russian language. Only one variant of translation was offered when requested, which, by strange coincidence, affected Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

14:44, 29 июня 2011

New Round of Information War: Russian TV Channels' Response to Belarus - Video

Russian television networks responded to the story of the Belarusian TV, where some Belarusian analysts severely criticized the Russian leadership, as well as the Russian media on the eve of the Great Patriotic War, and actually accused Russia of organizing the revolution in social networks. Thus, Russia's First Channel called the story of the Belarusian TV a blatant lie, while NTV channel in the program "Emergency Event" continued its series "Batska" with another story "about the collapse of socialism in Belarus."

11:03, 29 июня 2011

Lukashenko Added Provision of Economic Criminals' Pardon

The position of convicts' pardon, exemption from criminal liability of persons, contributed to the discovery and elimination of consequences of the crime, approved in 1994, was brought into line with the new version of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code of Belarus. The corresponding decree № 270 was signed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on June 27.

10:52, 29 июня 2011

Lukashenko Urges Youth Not to Succumb to Provocations

Best characteristic of a true person is strong convictions and moral principles. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the Republican Ball of university graduates on June 28. "So I would ask you as adults to be true patriots, honest and responsible citizens of your country, and mind it that successful people do not succumb to any provocations and adventures, though there'll be enough temptation in life," he said.

11:13, 27 июня 2011

Belarus' Youth - Strategic Resource, Lukashenko

June 25, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the Belarusian guys and girls on the Youth Day. "Care about the younger generation is a key objective of government policy in our country. The youth is acknowledged a strategic resource that determines the further development of the state," reads the message of the President.

09:01, 27 июня 2011

Medvedev Ignored Lukashenko's Invitation to Arrive in Brest

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, despite the invitation, has not arrived in Brest on the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. This was reported by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a trip to Brest voblast on June 23. "Why didn't he come? One should address this question to him. I have no definite answer to this question," said the head of state.

10:32, 24 июня 2011

We to Appeal against EU Sanctions in Court, Lukashenko

Belarus intends to appeal to international courts against the restrictions imposed on the country's leadership by the European Union. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to Brest voblast on June 23. "It's brainless, ill-conceived policy," he commented on the EU actions.

09:47, 24 июня 2011

Truth More Important than my Political Rating, Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that it's more important for him to tell the truth to the people than to hold on to his political rating. The President commented on June 23 on his statement that there would be no foreign currency, the shortage of which is very acute, in exchange offices in the near future.

    Альфа-Банк стал раздавать карты без бумажных PIN-конвертов

    Альфа-Банк начал выдавать карточки без конверта с ПИН-кодом – вместо этого его предложат установить самостоятельно со смартфона или компьютера.

    Блогер купил гектар земли и построил дом с печью: «Любой может продать “однушку” в Минске и построиться на земле»

    Владимир Чернушевич занимается проектированием и планировкой домов на печи. На его канал в YouTube подписано более 60 тыс. человек. Основная тема роликов — строительство домов и возрождение родовых поместий. Realt.by поговорил с блогером о жизни в эко-поселении, стройке и печах. Вся соль — в большом интервью.

    Сериал "Доктор Артхаус" - безногий врач-мизантроп лечит труп сантехника и находит смысл жизни, говоря в пустой комнате с эхом.


    В Минске проходит процесс над главным редактором TUT.by Мариной Золотовой.

    Доверяете ли вы официальной версии следствия?