11:41, 30 июня 2011

Attorney General's Office Second Time Prolongs Investigation into Bombing on April 11

Criminal investigation of the explosion in Minsk subway on April 11 was prolonged until the end of July. This was reported by Attorney General of Belarus Hrigori Vasilevich on June 29. "After the investigation is completed, criminally responsible persons have a month to consider the materials. The case will be submitted to the court," said Attorney General.

10:15, 30 июня 2011

Reporters Detained in Minsk Rally of Silent Solidarity - Video

Evening, June 29, several journalists of independent Belarusian media were detained at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk, where activists of the Internet community "Revolution through social networks" were planning to hold a traditional action of silent solidarity. In addition, members of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee reported on the detention of protesters near the Belarusian State Circus.

12:09, 29 июня 2011

"Silent" and "Dancing" People to Meet in Central Minsk June 29

Minsk city authorities have organized a youth disco at Kastrychnitskaya Square at 18:00 to 21:00 on June 29. The campaign, "Revolution through social networks" is convinced that the authorities are trying to prevent the regular silent protest, held every Wednesday over the last month.

15:31, 28 июня 2011

History Date: Nazis Occupied Minsk 70 Years Ago - Video

Exactly 70 years ago, June 28, 1941, on the sixth day since Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union and waged World War II, Wehrmacht soldiers invaded and occupied Minsk. The city was occupied for 1100 days and nights. During the occupation the Nazis murdered more than 400 thousand people in Minsk and its surroundings (more than 70 thousand citizens of Minsk). But the city and the people survived. The history hasn't been forgotten today, and the hero-city is getting ready to celebrate 67 years since the liberation of Minsk from invaders on July 3.

10:56, 28 июня 2011

Ministry of Defense to Reman Army with Members of "Revolution through Social Network"

Defense Ministry of Belarus has decided to reman the army with the participants of "silent action." "More than half of the detained, unlawfully taken part in unsanctioned rally on June 22, 2011 (so-called "revolution through social networking"), are young men who evaded draft for military service," told in the Ministry of Defense.

09:06, 27 июня 2011

Convicted of "Silent Solidarity" Hope for Assistance in Fines Payment

Participants of the action of silent solidarity, arrested in the evening on June 22 and sentenced to heavy fines on the following day, are hoping for the public financial aid. This was reported by one of the convicted, who prefered to remain anonymous. The Maskouski court in Minsk sentenced him to a fine of 25 basic units (Br875 or $176).

14:41, 23 июня 2011

"Silent" Action Participants Fined $140 for "Hooliganism"

Thursday, June 23, the Tsentralni district court of Minsk sentenced five protesters of silent solidarity to heavy fines, which was held yesterday. For example, Alexander Kulbun was convicted of "hooliganism" (Part 1 of Art. 17 of the Code of Administrative Violations). A young man is obliged to pay a fine of 20 basic units - Br700 thousand or about $140.

13:10, 23 июня 2011

Deputy Head of Swedish Embassy Detained in Minsk Silent Rally - photo

Wednesday, June 22, deputy of the Swedish embassy in Minsk David Emtestam was among the detainees during the silent protest action in Minsk. Second Secretary of the Swedish Embassy was detained by special police forces despite him having shown his diplomatic passport.

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