12:15, 30 июня 2011

Opposition being Urged to Join "Network Revolution"

Organizers of the campaign "revolution through social networks," addressed to representatives of the Belarusian opposition to support their initiative whose ultimate goal is the resignation of the incumbent president, Alexander Lukashenko. "The main and unique offer is full integration into a single campaign until the overthrow of Lukashenko," reads the appeal of the "revolutionaries."

14:11, 22 июня 2011

Unprecedented Deterioration of Human Rights Situation in Belarus, Amnesty International

International human rights organization Amnesty International stated about the unprecedented deterioration of the human rights situation in Belarus within six months' post-election period. In this regard, human rights activists continue to call for "the liberation of all prisoners of conscience who have been arrested and convicted for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of assembly and expression."

15:07, 21 июня 2011

Life:) Unlocked Opposition Websites

Life:) mobile users regained access to opposition Web sites charter97.org, belaruspartisan.org, as well as the site prokopovi.ch, used by Belarusians to negotiate the exchange of currencies. Previously, access to the sites has been blocked both from mobile phones and 3G life:) modem.

10:38, 10 июня 2011

Belarus - Danger to Neighbors, Milinkevich

The leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich said that Belarus is a danger to neighbors. He said this in anticipation of the Global Forum to be held on June 9-11 in Poland with the situation in Belarus on agenda. "There's no war in Belarus, but Belarus is a danger to its neighbors, because we are unstable, unpredictable," he said.

12:02, 31 мая 2011

Russian Journalist Deported from Belarus after Interview with Khalip - Video

Belarusian authorities banned Russian journalist of "Dozhd" ("Rain") TV channel Rodion Marinichev from entering Belarus for five years. Monday, May 30, a journalist was detained by police in Minsk after an interview with the wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, Irina Khalip. On the eve a journalist also recorded an interview with former candidate Vital Rymasheuski.

14:47, 26 мая 2011

Opposition Preparing to Hold "All-Belarusian Assembly"

Opposition parties and trade unions of Belarus initiated an All-Belarusian People's Assembly. As explained by the chairman of Radio-Electronic Industry Workers' Union, Hennady Fedynich, on May 26, it is offered to hold meetings all over the country simultaneously from October 8 at which citizens could discuss current socio-economic situation in the country.

16:32, 25 мая 2011

Lukashenko Ready to Release Ex-Presidential Candidates

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at the Eurasian National University after Gumilev in Astana on May 25, declared its readiness to release all the presidential candidates. "All of them seem to have been released, except for the two, being in the forefront. We'll probably free them as well.  No need to blow government money on prison, eating up bread," he stressed.

10:58, 19 мая 2011

Belarusian Opposition Urged Russia "Not to Trigger a Backflash," - Photos

Wednesday, May 18, the representatives of the Belarusian opposition urged the Russian leadership to reject Belarus' loan near the Russian embassy in Vilnius. Protesters handed over an appeal and a rake to the Embassy with the words: "(empty) promises," "(atheistic) oath," "(idle) talks," "grants (for repression)." Thus, the opposition called on Russia not to trigger backflash.

    «Так будет справедливее». В Беларуси хотят перейти на налогообложение недвижимости от ее рыночной стоимости. Последнее слово — за президентом

    Опыт Швеции показывает, что в этой стране широкое распространение на практике получила массовая кадастровая оценка, которая легла в основу исчисления налога на недвижимость. Результаты реализованного в Беларуси пилотного проекта по массовой оценке также дают основания полагать, что налоги на недвижимость в нашей стране, как и в Швеции, могут исчисляться от рыночной ее стоимости. И это будет более справедливо.

    В Светлогорске с ажиотажем открыли торговый центр «Шатилки»

    В Светлогорске официально открылся торговый центр «Шатилки». Среди первых здесь заработал супермаркет «Санта» с пекарней и пиццерией и магазин женской одежды Verally, а вскоре примут покупателей салоны бижутерии, драгоценностей и товаров для дома. На открытии собралось около 1 тыс. человек, им раздавали бесплатное мороженое, австралийский кофе и другие подарки.

    - Ты пойми, всех денег на свете не заработать, отдохни.
    - Да мне хотя бы на еду.


    А вы участвовали в выборах?