15:35, 14 марта 2011

Prisoners' Relatives Called on Putin to Stop Reprisal Started by Lukashenko

Relatives of opposition prisoners appealed to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on March 14 under the initiative "Vyzvalenne" to help release their family members. "The whole world hopes for you to stop reprisal of political opponents, arranged by Lukashenko, as well as to make him respect basic human rights," they said. 

15:13, 24 января 2011

Russia Resumed No Oil Supplies to Belarus

Belarusian oil refineries received no Russian oil in January. This was stated by Vasili Drobotov, the chief engineer of Polotsktransneft Druzhba. "They promised to resume oil supply this week, but there have been no oil so far, at least, at Naftan refinery," he said. 

10:43, 21 января 2011

Miasnikovich Satisfied with Results of Negotiations with Putin

Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich said after the talks between the governments of Belarus and Russia in Moscow on January 20 that "cooperation between Minsk and Moscow is multidimensional and steadily developing." "I am satisfied with the results on all issues," said the Belarusian Prime Minister

09:32, 21 января 2011

Miasnikovich didn't Agree with Putin on Oil

Thursday, January 20, Minsk and Moscow didn't come to an agreement on the price of oil deliveries to Belarus in 2011. This issue was to be solved at the level of Heads of Government of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich and Vladimir Putin. According to the Belarusian Prime Minister, after a conversation with Vladimir Putin, the Belarusian side proposed to continue resolving the outstanding issues of fuel and energy complex in the coming days.

16:33, 20 января 2011

Miasnikovich Hopes for Breakthrough in Relations with Russia

Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich suggested holding the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State in Minsk in February and March, 2011. Belarusian Prime Minister announced this idea at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow on January 20. Mikhail Miasnikovich noted that there were a lot of questions within the Union State and their solution would be a breakthrough in the relations with Russia.

12:54, 18 января 2011

Oil Negotiations between Belarus and Russia Failed

Belarusian and Russian companies were not able to independently agree on the price of oil deliveries to Belarus in 2011, and they won't be resumed, at least, until January 20. Now the issue will be resolved at the level of Heads of Governments of the two countries Mikhail Miasnikovich and Vladimir Putin, said a source in the Belarusian government.

11:02, 18 января 2011

Miasnikovich and Putin to Discuss Gas Price for Belarus

Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich will meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on January 20 during a working visit to Moscow. According to the press service of the Belarusian government, there will be discussed a number of topical issues of bilateral cooperation during the meeting, in particular, the price of natural gas for Belarus in 2011 and conditions of oil supplies to Belarus. 

11:51, 30 декабря 2010

Putin Refused to Comment on Protests of Belarusian Opposition

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin refused to comment on the protests of the Belarusian opposition in Minsk on December 19, which took place after the presidential elections. "We must respect the choice of the Belarusian people. But I'm not ready the estimate the course of these elections, a detailed conideration is needed," the head of the Russian government said.

    Объявлены победители конкурса «Премия HR-бренд Беларусь 2019»

    5 декабря в Минске состоялась церемония награждения победителей конкурса «Премия HR-бренд Беларусь 2019». И шестой год подряд компании получали награды за успешные и социально-значимые проекты в области управления персоналом.

    В Брестской области будет реализован проект по развитию женского бизнеса на 95 тысяч долларов

    В Бресте презентовали новый социальный проект «Поддержка женщин в фермерстве, агротуризме и ремесленничестве». Проект реализует БОО «Отдых в деревне» в сотрудничестве с Брестским областным исполнительным комитетом и при финансовой поддержке благотворительного фонда The Coca-Cola Foundation.

    Не так страшен торт, как количество свечек.


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