15:26, 14 июня 2011

Sannikov can be Liquidated in Colony, Khalip

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, convicted on charges of rioting, can be killed in the colony. This was stated by his wife Irina Khalip, who received a new letter from a politician. "Andrei wrote in the conclusion that there is a serious danger of his physical liquidation. He did not exclude the possibility of his reprisals in the colony," she said.

10:55, 31 мая 2011

Sannikov's Statements are Groundless, Yermoshina

Head of Belarus's Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina sees no legal grounds for the second round of presidential elections, while the statement of imprisoned former candidate Andrei Sannikov are baseless, as she believes. "Applications on recognizing the elections null and void shall be submitted within three days after the polling day," she pointed out.

13:37, 26 мая 2011

Council of Europe Criticized Court Sentences upon "Case on December 19"

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Thomas Hammarberg, criticized the trial over the riots in Minsk. "At least 700 demonstrators were arrested in the evening after the elections on December 19 and a number of them are now prosecuted, unreasonably charged and sentenced severely," he said.

12:14, 17 мая 2011

Defeated Aren't Jailed in Democracy, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Petros Efthymiou, said that the sentences upon the Belarusian opposition activists are terrible precedent for democracy, "a symbol of growing political repression faced by those trying to simply express their own, independent point of view in Minsk." "In a state of democracy, no winner throws the defeated in prison," he said.

13:38, 13 мая 2011

Prosecutor Demands to Sentence Sannikov to Seven-Year-Imprisonment

Partyzanski court of Minsk, conducting the trial against five defendants in the case on December 19, passed to hearing of arguments on May 13. The prosecutor demanded to sentence former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to seven years of imprisonment in the reinforced regime colony, while the other three protesters on December 19 Ilya Vasilevich, Fiodor Mirzoyanov and Vladimir Yaromenko - to three years in the reinforced regime colony, and Oleh Hnedchik - to four years.

09:48, 5 мая 2011

Sannikov Pointedly Turned his Back upon Romanchuk in Court

Ex-presidential candidate in Belarus Andrei Sannikov, charged with the riots on December 19, refused to look into the eyes of the former presidential candidate of the United Civil Party, Yaroslav Romanchuk, speaking in court as a witness on May 4.

12:29, 20 декабря 2010

Opposition Demands to Cancel Early Voting Results

Opposition presidential candidates Vladimir Niakliaeu and Andrei Sannikov demanded from the Central Election Commission to cancel the results of early voting. This was reported by the CEC head of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on Monday, December 20. According to her, this application will be reviewed in the preparation of the final protocol. More than 23% of Belarusians voted during the early election.

12:10, 20 декабря 2010

Romanchuk Blames Statkevich, Sannikov and Rymasheuski for Riots at Square

Opposition leaders Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich and Vital Rymasheuski provoked riots and an attempted seizure of Government House, thus endangering lives of thousands of people. This statement was made by the presidential candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk on December 20.

    В минском Сухарево откроют магазин «Санта» и раздадут мороженое

    В минском микрорайоне Сухарево 22 ноября в 14 часов примет первых покупателей новый магазин «Санта». Разместится он в здании на улице Панченко, 70, а внутри обеспечит большой выбор мясных и рыбных изделий, фруктов, овощей и свежей выпечки. Покупателям на открытии раздадут 300 пачек бесплатного мороженого, будут и стильные воздушные шары.

    Белорусский производитель печенья отказывается от пальмового масла

    Крупнейший производитель печенья в Беларуси, кондитерская фабрика «Слодыч», минимизирует выпуск продукции на пальмовом масле. В первую очередь это касается детского ассортимента – сладости для малышей готовятся исключительно на сливочном и подсолнечном масле.

    - Ты пойми, всех денег на свете не заработать, отдохни.
    - Да мне хотя бы на еду.


    А вы участвовали в выборах?