14:09, 1 июля 2011

Ukraine to Resume Electricity Supplies to Belarus July 1, Semashko

First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said that July 1, Ukraine would resume electricity supplies to Belarus, suspended in May. "We're resuming electricity supplies with Ukraine, which is advantageous for us in certain circumstances. Electricity will go from Russia in a couple of days, too," Vladimir Semashko assured.

11:27, 17 июня 2011

Belarusian Authorities Lack Special Forces, Bezsmertnyi

Former Ambassador of Ukraine in Minsk Roman Bezsmertnyi believes that the Belarusian authorities cause headache for themselves hindering protest actions. He stresses that even special forces were missing to disperse the silent solidarity action. "It was clear yesterday, police were not enough to cope with the public. They were wet, because the whole country came out onto the street," he said.

15:16, 7 июня 2011

Kiev didn't Forgive Lukashenko's Accusations of "Lousiness," Bezsmertny

Roman Bezsmertny, dismissed from the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Belarus on June 3, said that the Ukrainian authorities had not forgiven President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko's charges of the "lousiness." According to Roman Bezsmertny, the Ukrainian party expressed its position to the Belarusian authorities "in the dialogue on political and technological levels."

12:14, 17 мая 2011

Defeated Aren't Jailed in Democracy, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Petros Efthymiou, said that the sentences upon the Belarusian opposition activists are terrible precedent for democracy, "a symbol of growing political repression faced by those trying to simply express their own, independent point of view in Minsk." "In a state of democracy, no winner throws the defeated in prison," he said.

10:20, 22 апреля 2011

Ukrainian Human Right Activist Not Allowed in Belarus

Thursday, April 21, Deputy Head of Ukrainian youth organization "Foundation of Regional Initiatives," the Ukrainian human right activist, Mikhail Kamenev, was denied entry to Belarus. He was heading to Minsk as an information assistant manager of the International Committee of the International Observation Mission to monitor the situation of human rights in Belarus.

10:54, 20 апреля 2011

Ukrainian Human Rights Activist wasn't Allowed in Belarus

Belarusian border guards detained a Ukrainian human rights activist, Marina Tsapok, at the border crossing "Teryukha" at about 4:00 on April 20. The activist is an information assistant of the representative of the International Committee of the observation mission to monitor the human rights situation in Belarus. She was removed from the train to Belarus from Kiev, told the International Control Committee.

11:44, 14 апреля 2011

Poland Interested in Completion of Odesa-Brody Pipeline up to Gdansk

Poland has reiterated its interest in the completion of Odesa-Brody pipeline to Plock and in the future - to Gdansk. This was stated by the head of the Polish government Donald Tusk at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov on April 13. "Poland has confirmed its interest in developing this project," he said.

12:42, 5 апреля 2011

Most Smuggling Comes from Ukraine, SBC of Belarus

The State Border Committee of Belarus believes the border with Ukraine is the main way of smuggling. "The spring thaw has brought some calm spell to the most troubled area in terms of illegal border crossing - the Ukrainian border. However, increase in attempts to import goods without customs declaration was marked last weekend - 14 cases in total. What is more, every second arrest took place in Brest voblast," SBC noted.

    В минском Сухарево откроют магазин «Санта» и раздадут мороженое

    В минском микрорайоне Сухарево 22 ноября в 14 часов примет первых покупателей новый магазин «Санта». Разместится он в здании на улице Панченко, 70, а внутри обеспечит большой выбор мясных и рыбных изделий, фруктов, овощей и свежей выпечки. Покупателям на открытии раздадут 300 пачек бесплатного мороженого, будут и стильные воздушные шары.

    Белорусский производитель печенья отказывается от пальмового масла

    Крупнейший производитель печенья в Беларуси, кондитерская фабрика «Слодыч», минимизирует выпуск продукции на пальмовом масле. В первую очередь это касается детского ассортимента – сладости для малышей готовятся исключительно на сливочном и подсолнечном масле.

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