28 June 2012 г. в 16:19


National Bank: Credexbank Not Involved in Money Laundering

National Bank has completed an unscheduled inspection of Credexbank, triggered by the statement of the U.S. Treasury Department on May 22, 2012 regarding the bank. As a result, the experts of country's main bank found no evidence that Credexbank was engaged in money laundering against the accusations of the U.S. government.

"According to the carried out audit, all the financial operations of non-resident clients, mentioned in the statement of the U.S. Treasury, were carried out by Credexbank in 2008-2010 through the Russian and Western European banks with a notice in accordance with the financial monitoring laws," the NBB informed Telegraf.

There’s no actual prove to other statements of the U.S. Treasury, containing allegations of Credexbank possible involvement in the implementation of the informationless trades, reported the National Bank.

In the course of the audit it was once again proved that Credexbank rules and procedures of internal control to prevent the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing were largely consistent with both the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the FATF standards (FATF - Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering - an intergovernmental organization that sets standards and develops policies to combat "money laundering" and financing terrorism), stated the main bank of the country.

"However, in order to minimize the risk of further information that could cause substantial harm to the Belarusian banks’ reputation, the National Bank of Belarus intends to initiate the preparation of a draft legal act, enabling the Belarusian banks to sever relations with dubious clients, cooperation with which can lead to undesirable consequences," the National Bank noted.

As Telegraf previously reported, May 22, the U.S. Treasury included Belarusian Credexbank in section 311 of the Patriot Act of the U.S. as an institution of "primary concern over money laundering."

May 23, Belarus Credexbank officially announced about groundless judgments of the U.S. Treasury with regard to the Bank's operations and the very possibility of a small Belarusian bank to act as a "key center of global money-laundering."


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