20 March 2012 г. в 15:55

"Eurovision-2012": Belarus to Perform 5th in Second Semi-Final

Belarus will perform 5th in the second semifinal of the international song contest "Eurovision-2012" to be held in Baku on May 24. The draw for participants was held on March 20. Together with Belarus, the second semi-final will be presented by Serbia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Georgia, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Lithuania.

The first semi-final, which will be held on May 22, will host: Montenegro, Iceland, Greece, Latvia, Albania, Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Israel, San Marino, Cyprus, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Moldova and Ireland (in the given order).

The winner of last year's competition, Azerbaijan, and the counties of "Big Five" - France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain - will take part directly in the finals on May 26.

Spain will perform under number 19, Italy - 10, Germany - 20, UK – 1 and France - 9.

As Telegraf previously reported, the group Litesound will represent Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest. Alena Lanskaya from Mahiliou was previously assumed to participate in the competition on the part of Belarus.

The Group Litesound has already got down to recording the song "We Are the Heroes." The new version of the song is being recorded in the record studio of the Belarusian Radio and TV Company specifically for the "Eurovision." Famous music producer and composer Dimitris Kontopoulos from Greece has been invited as a consultant.



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